Wakefield Lakeland Terriers

What's a Lakie?

The Lakeland Terrier is a small yet sturdy terrier from the Lakes District of Northern England.  Typical males weigh approximately 17 pounds and stand at about 14.5 inches at the shoulder; the girls will usually be slightly smaller.  Lakies have a neat, square general appearance, accentuated by a crisp coat that comes in a range of colors.  The Lakie exudes friendliness and self-assurance, and is a very eye-catching and attractive dog.

The Lakeland belongs to a subset of the Terrier group known as the "long-legged terriers," and they all share some common characteristics.  Beyond physical similarities apparent at a quick glance, you should research what makes the Lakeland different from other terriers.  There are a lot of misconceptions as to what is referred to as terrier temperament and the best place to learn more is from someone who has personal experience with terriers.  General breed books and the internet contain a lot of false information about the breed.