Wakefield Lakeland Terriers

Is This Breed Right For You?

We encourage anyone considering dog ownership to accurately assess his or her personal situation.  You should ask yourself whether you have the patience, determination, and motivation to raise a terrier puppy from an unruly 8-week-old through to maturity.  You should take into account how dog ownership will limit your lifestyle.  You should look at your financial status and ensure that you are in a position to maintain your dog, deal with veterinary costs, potential kennel visits, daycare (if necessary), and any other expenses that will arise over the course of your dog's life.  Owning a dog is a serious commitment and, although Lakelands are a small and relatively easy breed to keep, you should be thoroughly prepared before making a final decision.

The time commitment involved in raising a puppy will vary widely, depending both on your experience with dogs and on the individual puppy.  Expect that a new puppy will demand a significant amount of time in the first few months.  A dog's basic behavior patterns are usually set in place by the time the puppy is 1 year of age, so by that time the bulk of your dog's training should be completed.  A well-trained and mostly self-disciplining Lakeland at one year of age is generally going to be a happy part of the family for many years to come.  Getting him to that stage will, however, take effort on the owner's part.  In keeping with their terrier heritage, they tend to be mischievous, alert, and active.  Firm and consistent leadership is a must: there should never be any confusion as to who is the boss. 

Your research should also extend to general dog ownership, especially if you are a first-time dog owner.  If you have already owned a terrier, you will already be familiar with the breed.  Thorough research is a very important part of the decision to add a new puppy to your family.