Wakefield Lakeland Terriers

Acquiring a Wakefield Lakeland Terrier

Usually we know our prospective owners well in advance, via phone or email, or visitation.  We require everyone interested in one of our puppies to fill out a questionnaire.  After reviewing the answers, we sometimes have further questions and will often ask for references.  The questionnaire is not particularly invasive, and respondents are not asked for any sensitive information.  That being said, our decision is based primarily on the information you provide for us.  A comprehensive and detailed response will give us a better and more accurate perspective on your personal situation.  We respect confidentiality of all respondents and we will not share information provided to us with any third party.

Upon reviewing the completed questionnaire and discussing further with the prospective owner, we may be in a position to offer you a place on our waiting list.  This is a deposit-oriented waitlist, whereby we can guarantee you a puppy within your expectations.  If we can not provide you with what you are looking for in a timeframe indicated in your questionnaire, we will refund the deposit.   

Please contact us via email for further information about our upcoming breedings and your interest in adding one of our dogs to your family.